<<Mechanical Sealing Series

3055 Clip Type Single End Mechanical Sealing

Excellent Function

  • assemble structure no manmade installation error.
  • reliability in the system changing period to supply safety allowance for temperary expansion when power on or off.
  • reliable and stable sealing under vibrating working condition.
  • outstanding discharge control ability of contact side design.
  • only need to exchange spare part package including movement circle, O ring and spring, no need to exchange metal parts, which lower down maintenance fee as much as possible.


  • whole O circle moves or fixed in the nonmetal or non-weariness surface.
  • friction side sealing side being accurately straight with axis.
  • entirely transmission pin without danger of falling.
  • with hydraulic balance priniple in the contact surface to produce less friction heat.
  • washing interface (selectable) can turn all around faciliating connection.
  • spring is separated from liquid to avoid erosion and block.
  • adjustable shield without any change to match with conventional bolt.
  • automatic blocking circle to reach outstanding concentric.
  • core fixing hoop to simplify installation and daily maintenance.

Operating Condition
rotate speed
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