<<Shim Sealing Series

120 Active Pressure Compensation Shim


3-year no leakage promise, long cycle reliable sealing
  It is with independent but homocentric stainless steel board packed graphite of weave shape and with PTFE closely attched in the flange surface. When flange being pressed tightly, the stainless steel weave graduates to be flat to wrap the sealing materials. Therefore the two surfaces of flange all reach highly effective sealing effect to protect sealing materails from being oxidated nor eroded by air and to achieve long cycle reliable sealing.

  • Temperature:
    air -200℃ to 500℃
    steam -200℃ to 650℃
  • Pressure:
  • suitable for most chemical media:
    PH0--14(apart from strong oxidant)
  • no damage on flange side
  • infinite storage cycle
  • matched with various flange
    15mm to 200mm on hand,200mm to 600mm customized
  • ultra strong leakage control ability
  • selectable special materials
    exterior packing metal, imported 316L stainless steel board, Monel alloy, nickel alloy
    sealing media:PTFE,graphite

Bar Shim

self-cure graphite shim of belt type
poped PTFE shim
width 3mm-25mm
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