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The main reason of static seal leakage: looseness of bolt advanced tightening force

Looseness of bolt advanced tightening force is caused by:

  1. expansion by hot and shrinkage by cold
    AGG SEALING With ultra strong compensation capacity, it can absorb the inner shim with fluctuation of temperature difference to keep everlasting advanced tightening force of bolt.
  2. rise and reduce of pressure
    AGG SEALING It can absorb the impact of pressure, distortion of flange and sealing material caused by fluctuation of compensation pressure.
  3. mechanical vibration
    AGG SEALING It can lower down the mechanical vibration to mininum, to ensure no looseness and everlasting and reliable sealing effect.

working condition
working temperature
plate spring 597
plate spring 80735

 * Remarksspecial specification can be customized.
    torque data and plate spring load can be offered in the same time.
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